Valeem Faculty Talk: Ms. Aisha Qadir, O/ A Level Biology Teacher

Ms. Aisha Qadir is one of the renowned  O/ A Level Biology Teacher at Valeem, . She started teaching in 2015. Ms. Aisha has been inspired by our  Holy Prophet PBUH so she wants to follow him by spreading knowledge among students .

Popularity among the students

Upon inquiring about her popularity as the best O/ A Level Biology Teacher among the students she replied, “My passion for my profession made me popular among the students .Above all I make myself available to help them guide them at any time.

Shift in global and local education system  

While discussing the recent shift in education system both global and local, she said, “There are lots of dramatic and drastic changes in education system over the past decade .Now learning is not only based on cramming and wrote learning rather than its depends on concept building and making studies fun for students not the burden.

Strategy for increasing student engagement

We asked her how she manages to keep the students engaged as well as help the distracted ones.

She answered, ” By Brainstorming sessions and Quiz sessions, I keep them engaged, and if any student seems distracted, I try to figure out what is the reason for distraction and will design appropriate activities for them to restore their interest.

Advent of Online Classes

The advent of online classes has brought huge challenges for every teacher. 

Some technical issues like internet connection And moreover some topics need physical explanation so occasionally feel little bit difficulty”

Ms. Aisha believes in giving her students an amicable environment so they feel comfortable to discuss their queries. Therefore  her students have a record of securing high grades.

The good result of my students and the way they express their feelings are literally one of the best memories for me”, She shared. “My students got admission in different renewable institutes all over the world Alhumdulilah and the most beautiful thing is that they consider my efforts and give me credit.

 She wants her students to set a difference between champion and second place in order to succeed in life.


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