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3 Day Winter Camp (Primary Level)
Expires After: Does not Expire

Get ready for an exciting Valeem 3 Day Online Winter Camp for your kids this Winter!
Valeem is bringing an opportunity for you to help your kids boost skills with the help our truly amazing expert subject trainers.

This diverse winter camp is for primary level students (Grade 1 – 5) and will help them enhance their skills in English , Urdu , Maths and Arts .

Course Objectives:

a) English
This course will help Primary level students to,
-enhance their reading, writing and speaking skills of English Language which will help them improve their grades and perform better.
-understand the importance of using correct vocabulary with the correct pronunciation in English Language.
-develop love for the language with exciting class activities.

b) Mental Maths  
-improve Mental Maths with the help of various learning activities.
-learn tips and tricks to solve Mathematical problems quicker.
-learn smart ways to tackle mathematics problems.

c) Urdu
-improve Urdu pronunciation and learn how to read and write Urdu in an easier way.
-understand the use of similar letters in Urdu language.
-develop love for the language
-improve spoken communication and sentence delivery

d) Zentagle Arts

-Learn about this exciting and lovely craft
-grasp the concept of Zentangle Art in an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.
-achieve calm by practicing Zentangle Art.

Starting from 29th December, 2022

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Learning Management System (Crash Course)
Expires After: Does not Expire

Schools and universities, coffee shops, and billion-dollar enterprises – today almost every organization either already has or is about to get a learning management system (LMS). If you’ve never heard of LMSs, you might be wondering what it is, why businesses use it, how you can leverage it for your company, and more.

In this course, you will learn about using the LMS.

Central Superior Service (CSS) – Mock Exam
Expires After: Does not Expire

Competitive exams can be really intimidating, but if you apply smart strategies, the process can be much more manageable. To prepare for these exams, it is important to give mock tests as it helps us learn from our mistakes. With technology evolving, students have a new destination to learn and improvise.

Mock tests are considered practice exams before you appear for the final one. While you attempting these tests, they help boost your confidence and overcome mistakes. Here you are not only made aware of the test pattern but are also made to experience the strategies for tackling the actual test.

To access the files for of Mock exam, add this course to the cart at the price of Rs. 0.

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CSS Mock exam


Fitness & Training
Expires After: Does not Expire

This course is for beginner exercisers, people that are consistently exercising, but not seeing the results they expected for the amount of work they put in, and anyone who is thinking about becoming a personal trainer or enrolled in a personal training course to get the fundamentals. You’ll learn the basic concepts of strength training, cardiovascular training, and mobility training. You will understand which type is best suited for you and how much of each type you should do. This course is predominantly video lecture based with a variety of external resources as well as downloadable worksheets that are meant to be thought provoking so you can decide what is really important in your life, why you should exercise and how to implement a successful fitness routine that works for you.


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Diet & Nutrition
Expires After: Does not Expire

Learn How To Build The Perfect Diet & Meal Plan For Improved Health, Better Weight Loss And More Muscle Gains

This course is designed for anyone who wants to get the most out of their diet, no matter if you’re an athlete, bodybuilder, or simply want to live a healthier life.

This course is not some random fad diet that tells you which foods you should and shouldn’t eat. Instead, I will take you through each of the steps involved in setting up and following through with your diet.

Unfortunately, the internet is full of false health gurus that sell you all kinds of diet plans and supplements that are overpriced and don’t work. This is why I wanted to create a video course that not only debunks the most common dieting myths but also teaches everything you need to know to reach your dieting goals, be it to lose fat, build muscle or simply live a healthier life.

Cambridge International A Level Physics (9702)
Expires After: 4 weeks

For 1-on-1 Tuition

*Sessions Per Month: 8

*Session Duration: 1 Hour 15 Mins

*Monthly Tuition Fee: PKR 12,000

Physics is main branch of science in which you deal with important concepts of daily life, moreover your higher level studies also depend upon physics so I am here to teach u physics with daily life examples, practicing different types of word problems, MCQS from different past papers, weekly test system etc.