Valeem Faculty Talk: Sir Zahid Anwer, O Level English Teacher

We at Valeem got the honor to interview one of the renowned O Level English Language Teacher . Sir. Syed Zahid Anwer has been associated with the profession of teaching for the last 17 years.

Sir Zahid is among those teachers who is enthusiastic as well as passionate about his work. 

Upon inquiring what motivated him to join the profession of teaching, he told us that his mother was a professional teacher and has been her motivation behind choosing this profession.

Sir. Zahid is  among top notch O level  English Faculty of the Country, he believes in teaching in a friendly atmosphere.

” I guess what I feel is that I do not overexert the students, in addition to this, I teach them in a very friendly, fun loving, comfortable and respectful ambiance.”


The education system changed over the past decade; both in the global and local contexts. This is what he had to say about it,

“Oh massively to be honest! From a teacher’s perspective we have more insight and knowledge to be more productive for our target audience.”


When asked about his strategy to keep students engaged, he answered,

 “To start, get into their comfort zone and not talk or entice them towards studies. Once the relationship strengthens, the studies start. Further engaging with them every now and then through  Questions, Rhetoric Questions and hypophoria help them in keeping involved.”


The transition of conventional classroom to online one has consequently brought huge changes in the education sector. Sir. Zahid said, “With the passage of time I feel very relaxed and comfortable taking online classes. I have a perfectly oiled system that works almost flawlessly. An unstable internet will for me be the biggest hurdle to cater.”

We asked him how he establishes and maintains a good relationship with his  students? 

He answered, “By giving them the subject knowledge nobody gives, respecting them and being there in their time of needs.

“Every year I get a student or two who doesn’t believe in me, my style, or my pedagogy. Every year I instill belief in them that stays there forever.”


Mr. Zahid advised all his students to be respectful towards the elders, be spiritual and above all be honest to yourself.