Valeem offering Online Education in Saudi Arabia

Fatima was searching for some tutors to prepare for her A level Exams. Being a private candidate, she wanted one to one and special attention. She kept searching for academies and tutors for online education in Saudi Arabia but all in vain!

Hopeless and depressed Fatima was about to give up when a friend suggested Valeem.  Upon searching she came to know about this online learning platform that was already providing its services in 14 different countries around the globe. Fatima immediately contacted them  and requested for a Demo class. It was then, Fatima realized that Valeem is exactly what she has been searching months for.


“I was struggling to find teachers, I kept looking for online courses but was hopeless at some point when my friend told me about Valeem. I immediately contacted them and had my Demo classes. Its great to see such wonderful, talented, passionate and committed teachers there, Valeem is such a punctual and student focused academy worldwide. I would definitely recommend it to ambitious students.”

Fatima Shah, A levels Dammam KSA


Valeem through its platform has been offering Online education in Saudi Arabia. A huge number of O/ A level students are attending live interactive classes at our platform.

If you live in KSA, here is why you should too choose Valeem.

Live Interactive one-to-one or Group Classes

Valeem offers interactive live 1 – 1 as well as group online education in Saudi Arabia.  Depending on your learning style, you may choose any of the options available.

Recorded classes

Valeem offers students the opportunity of learning by providing them recorded sessions of the online classes. Therefore the student can always get a quick refresher of all the lessons at the time and place of one’s convenience 

Online Counselling support

A dedicated counsellor is available for live interaction with the students and parents. They guide the students in subject selection, in the university admission process, discussing their progress as well as providing assistance in their academics.

Parent- Teacher interaction

Valeem provides parent-teacher meeting opportunities. Parents may discuss their child’s progress and concerns with their tutors and two way transparent communication is encouraged.

“Valeem has so far been very helpful for my daughter’s education. She has not once complained about the teachers way of teaching. Overall I’m very satisfied and would recommend Valeem to all.” Adan Sajid, A Levels (KSA)

Provision of Resources

Through LMS various study resources are available online to the students 24/7.  LMS also provides a platform to the students to have discussion among themselves, participate in groups and forums and engage just like in a physical academic institute.

So, what are you waiting for, register now and learn the smart way !