Valeem Faculty Talk: Sir Sajid Salim, O/ A Level Economics Teacher

Sir. Sajid Saleem is one of our renowned teachers at Valeem. He has been teaching O/ A level Economics for more than 12 years. He helps his fellows learn a new perspective to issues that motivates him to be in this profession.

During an interview with Sir Sajid, he described himself as a person who is  passionate about teaching and learning . He loves what he does, he has a steady source of motivation that drives him to do his best. 


We asked about his popularity among the students.  He answered, ” Well, truly speaking, what I have achieved in my career is due to the grace of the Almighty and the well wishes of my elders have resulted into what I am today.


Sir Sajid believes in the principle of “Respect begets respect”.

We asked him, ” How has the education system changed over the past decade; both in the global and local contexts?

He answered “Technology has created new ways for students to learn. It has also altered how teachers can teach most effectively, and even raised issues about what constitutes “true” teaching and learning.”

In order to keep the students engaged he try to identify the  reason behind the distraction. Then try to solve the problem in his own capacity.


We asked about his challenges when conducting online classes for his O/ A level Economics Students?

He told us, “One of the central online teaching issues that I face is that it can make students into passive learners. So I try to make them involved in the learning process as much as possible.”


Sir Sajid believes in maintaining discipline while keeping the students involved and motivated at the same time. He said, ” Asking questions from different students at different intervals makes the learners engaged. Also, leveraging the students to have a say on the topic while maintaining the discipline also motivates them to be active learners.”


He wrapped up and advised the students, “Learning is a natural process which starts once we enter into the lap of our mother. Keep it natural and simple. Do not hesitate to offer your perspective on the topic which you have learnt and try to make this world better by helping those who are not privileged enough to have a conducive learning environment.’