Valeem Faculty Talk: Sir Saifullah,

Do you remember struggling in  a particular course and then all of a sudden you start liking that course and things start getting easier. Well teachers play a significant role in  making concepts and learning smooth. 

Among such teachers is Mr. Saifullah Ajaz who describes himself as  ‘The Students Teacher’ as he go to that point with his students where they start believing in themselves and are confident enough to score a good grade. Having a teaching experience of 6-7 years now , he believes in making difficult things easier for students to understand 

Upon asking What made him so popular among the students?

He said, “I think about my availability for them. I am available to them any time of the day or night and whenever they ask me any query whether in class or after that I am always there for them.”


How has the education system changed over the past decade; both in the global and local contexts?

I think the education system has changed in recent years after covid. The students have become smarter and more capable.

Challenges as a teacher

Upon asking about the challenges he faces a teacher while conducting online classes, he said that the connectivity issue is the biggest challenge.

Strategy for increasing student engagement

Mr Saifullah was asked about his strategy to keep students involved and motivated during the online lectures. He explained, “I think the best way is to keep asking questions throughout the lecture and of course interact by presenting your lecture attractively. ” For students who get distracted , he said , ” It is quite easy to manage those students actually. I create such a bond with the students that they become willing to study for me. 

Teaching: A Passion

Mr. Saifullah believes in respecting the students. He is passionate about teaching. In order to help his students succeed, he struggle 

Actually I have many! Many students who were finding it difficult to clear my subject came to me and I worked with them day and night and after they achieved their results, their happiness is my favourite memory.

We asked Mr saifullah to Share a memory of  helping someone become more successful or share any of his student’s story for inspiration of others

He replied, “I wouldn’t name him but he was literally on the verge of quitting studies and finding a job but now he has cleared all his A Levels papers  and now applying to university abroad.”

He advised his students to just never give up on the hard work.