Valeem Faculty Talk: Ms.Nadia Rafaqat, O/ A Level Biology Teacher

At Valeem, we believe in providing quality education through our dedicated, experienced  and highly qualified teachers. Among such teachers is Miss Nadia Rafaqat who has been associated with the profession of teaching for the last 16 years.  She has been teaching  O/ A Level Biology and has been successful in making her students excel. 

During a recent interview with her we discussed her teaching journey so far.

Ms Nadia got inspiration from her own teachers and mother to join this profession. She said, “My motivation also extended from watching my mother, who had worked in the capacity of HST teacher in a government school and was also the Head of one of the private school”


Ms Nadia’s sincerity has made her popular among the students. She doesn’t believe in the traditional approach of teaching, let alone promote rote learning. She said, ”  I do  motivate my students to comprehend everything that has been taught and clear their concepts with no stone unturned. I make sure to cover enough in my lecture that if students intend to study through the book they know what is being delivered there.”


During our interview she was asked, ” How has the education system changed over the past decade; both in the global and local contexts?

To which she answered, “Education in the past was based on books and lectures, now it’s all e learning. In the past, students would have to spend hours in libraries looking through books for a project or research. Classrooms are now student centered and teachers are acting as a facilitator. .One major difference that has changed through the curriculum in schools is teaching students skills instead of content. I feel that traditional methods should be developed and progressed into technical methods that can help students to enhance their skills. I think that learning and innovation go hand in hand. Creativity is now as important in education as literary.”

On being asked about her unforgettable memory while teaching O/ A level Biology all these years,

She said, ” Alhamdulillah up till now I got 100 percent CAIE result none of my students got U grade. My proudest moment was when  I had received my first award for an Outstanding (100%) Biology CAIE result. “


Apart from being just a O/ A Level Biology  teacher Ms Nadia had been counseling students. She feels that counseling is a significant aspect of making a bond with the students. According to her, every student is different from the other, some have behavioral issues, some have family issues, the other student’s learning pace does not match with the class, but as a teacher it is our responsibility to struggle with them. She says, ” Counseling helps the students understand the obstacles in their preferred academic path. It stabilizes students’ thoughts and helps them to self-evaluate themselves.”

Upon asking about her way of keeping students involved and motivated during online lectures?

She answered, “I used AFL strategies to involve my students during class. “


One advice you’d like to give to all the students?

I want my students to not only be good students but also good human beings. I always advised my students not to rush in their life and to grow at their own pace. As five fingers are not alike, every student is unique and special in their own way and do not ever compare your life to others.