Valeem Faculty : Sir Ali Hassan ( O/ A level Business Studies)

Sir Ali Hassan is a young passionate teacher who has been teaching O/ A level Business Studies for the last 6 years. Through his unique teaching style, he  involves the  students in his class and helps them achieve their goals.

Currently he has been associated with  Valeem and has been offering his services to the best.

Reason of popularity

During an interview with him, We asked what him so popular among his students. his amazing teaching style and above all  his effective communication has helped  him get popular among his students.

Strategy for full student engagement

Upon inquiring about his strategy to get full student engagement, he replied, “I give them different modes of learning except for books and notes. I provide  video links related to O/ A level Business Studies

Secret to have a strong bond with students

We asked him, “How do you establish and maintain a good relationship with your students? ”

To which he said, “I give each of them individual attention and try sorting out their other problems, reasoning their lack of focus in studies.”

A beautiful memory

Sir Ali shared a memory that he never forgets as a teacher,

“My first Student got an A grade in her A levels. I can share her testimonial with you later and I think that’s everything for a teacher.”

Advice to the students

Sir Ali Hassan advises his students to respect their teacher as it would be enough for them  guys to achieve their goals.