Strategies for involving students in Online Class

One of the many challenges faced by instructors while taking an online class is engaging students. 

Since the teachers are already used to of the traditional teaching practices in their physical classes this transition to online learning has been a little challenging for them.

Here are few tips for the involving students in online class

Innovate your learning styles

Since an online class is different than physical one,  a different teaching style will help to gain  the interest of students. It will also increase their engagement in the class. Incorporating videos, images and different e learning tools into regular teaching methodology is a great idea to enhance engagement

Segregate you lecture into smaller fragments

Breaking your lecture into smaller pieces will help the students to absorb it more quickly. Consequently it will increase their engagement in online class. Teaching continuously for hours or sharing a lengthy video  makes the lecture monotonous. In addition to this, it will increase their frustration level.

Encourage students to have discussion

Motivate students to have group discussion in the your online class.

Encourage students to ask questions, share their views and discuss with their peers. This will build a sense of confidence in them motivating them to actively engage in the class .

Gamification of learning 

By adding gamifying  elements to your learning styles. Reward students with online badges, stars or bonus points on their participation. This will motivate them to actively engage in the class. Gamification is an educational approach to motivate students and enhance their learning experience. 

Providing feedback

By providing feedback to the students on their assignments, tests , quizzes or class participation you can increase their engagement during online learning. These feedbacks are quite helpful as the it will keep the students on track for their next target.

By incorporating these teaching strategies in online class the teachers can successfully increase their students engagement in the classroom.

The results might not appear suddenly but with continuous support by teachers and by developing a healthy relationship between students and teachers this goal can be achieved.


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