Importance of Studying Chemistry

Have you brushed your teeth today?

Did you have a cup of tea?

How did you wash the cup afterwards?

Did you applied any skin product before leaving for college/ work?

Was it easy for you to drive your car by just fueling it ?

Well, all of these things are so obvious, aren’t they?

So are the applications of chemistry in them. From the chemicals used in our tooth pastes to the process of food preservation. From detergents to skin/makeup products, there is a vast integration of chemistry.

Let us now discuss the importance of studying chemistry in detail.

Shows you how the Universe works

Chemistry is not just limited to books, it has vast applications in daily life and natures phenomena.  The importance of studying chemistry can be understood from the fact that it shows you how the World works.  Everything around you consists of chemicals. In addition to  this,  the knowledge of chemistry makes the mysteries of the world clear to you.


Practical applications in Daily life

importance of studying chemistry

The incorporation of chemistry is in every aspect of our lives.  The knowledge of chemistry helps in understanding the cooking process, the   time each food takes and the chemicals added to it. Even the ovens and freezers are applications of chemistry. The art of baking involves multiple chemical reactions.

Chemistry keeps you Safe

importance of studying chemistry


The importance of studying chemistry can be realized by the fact that it keeps you secure. It provides you the knowledge of hazardous household chemicals. How to safely operate kitchen appliances, how to handle different cleaning products.

Helps in understanding product labels

Even a basic knowledge of chemistry helps you in reading product labels and in understanding them.  By reading the label on the food packaging, tooth paste, skin care product, detergent or even a pesticide, you get an idea of the chemicals used in it.  This helps a person in making informed decision, whether to buy the product or not.

High Employment Opportunities

importance of studying chemistry

When students get skeptical about the importance of studying chemistry, they should search  the future employment  opportunities. Someone with a major in chemistry has so many employment opportunities that too with a high pay. Since chemistry has a diverse range of branches, you can work in the field of analytical chemistry, organic inorganic chemistry or work as a biochemist



Chemistry is everywhere. Even if you are not pursuing chemistry as a career, there is a huge importance of studying chemistry. The incorporation of chemistry is  from daily lives to multiple branches of science highlights its significance.


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