How tuition centers impose stress on students?

The increasing competition in the academic sector is forcing every student to work harder than ever before. The need for tuition centers has therefore risen. Every other student these days is taking private tuitions. It has been observed that these tuition centers are imposing stress on the students.

Improper guidance 

Although students opt for tutions in order to get additional support in their academics, sometimes tution centres fail to guide them properly about their subject selection, course related material. 

But we at Valeem provide our students with the best guidance and  mentorship.

Stress of Managing Multiple tutions 

Students especially in their O and A level choose multiple tuitions for each subject. The purpose is to take classes  of each course from its respective best teacher. For this purpose they travel to different tuition centers which is difficult in terms of time management. 

Valeem offers you a single platform where you can avail the best teachers of the country for each course that too without the need of travelling.

Lack of academic advising and counseling

Tuition centers generally do not provide academic advising and counseling services. These terms were not common in the past but these days they are in high demand.

Guidance about choosing the correct career, providing support in academics smooths out things for the students. 

Valeem too offers its students academic advising and career counseling services

Lack of compatibility with the tutors 

The compatibility between the tutor and student is essential. If they don’t get along well, the results won’t be fruitful. The student may start disliking the course if he/ she doesn’t like the tutor or try to dislike their teaching style. Whereas we at Valeem provides every student a chance to change their tutors of they don’t feel comfortable with them

High cost 

Among all the causes of stress, high cost tops the list. The high tuition fee may not be affordable for many of the parents and students since they are already paying their regular fee at schools/ colleges .

Therefore we at Valeem ensure that best quality education is provided to our students at a reasonable fee that is easily affordable.

The selection of a proper tuition centre is imperative since it is meant to aid the students in their academics not to impose stress in their young minds.