Homeschooling and Distance Learning – Saudi Arabia

The concept of homeschooling and distance learning is not new in Saudi Arabia but The Ministry of Education has officially recognized it now as an alternative education system in Saudi Arabia. The number of students who are homeschooled in Saudi Arabia has increased significantly since 2011, when the government stopped funding public schools nationwide and opened up space for private institutions to operate independently from the state-run educational system. While the concept of distance learning emerged after COVID19


In the Saudi Arabian market, there are many options available for Homeschooling and distance learning for students.  In addition to this, many schools offer distance education programs to students in Saudi Arabia. These programs often include a combination of face-to-face classes as well as online modules.

When it comes to adult learners, there are a number of options available as well. In addition to traditional institutions that offer degree programs, there are also many companies who offer courses on subjects like entrepreneurship or marketing.

Why Homeschooling and distance learning ?

Expats in Saudi Arabia prefer homeschooling and distance education over public education for a number of reasons, including 

  • Peaceful Environment/ absence of violence
  • Improved social development
  • More efficient learning
  • Superior overall education
  • Greater flexibility in learning time and curriculum.

Homeschooling and Distance education is a growing industry in Saudi Arabia, and there are many benefits to it. For one thing, it’s a great way to keep your family close while still learning at the same time. Because expatriate parents have the opportunity and time to instill their values in their own children, home education may be more effective for child education than traditional public or private international schools. With their children, parents can use examples from the real world as learning opportunities and discuss daily challenges with them.

Valeem providing quality education in Saudi Arabia

Valeem has been providing online distance learning in Saudi Arabia to a large number of students. We believe that education should be available for everyone, no matter what their circumstances are. That’s why we’re committed to providing educational opportunities for those who need them most


Our program is open to anyone in Saudi Arabia who wants to take advantage of our services. Currently we are offering 


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