Distance education in Middle East

Surprisingly, distance education is quite an old concept but a lot of us have become familiarized after COVID19. There has been an accelerated revolution in the learning process. Nearly all forms of education have been shifted online.

Distance education in Middle East

Geographically, North America and the European Union have adopted eLearning in recent years. However, the situation in the field of eLearning has been no different from that of Middle Eastern states . Due to the accessibility and availability of top-notch technology in nations like UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, and others, there is the greatest potential for growth in the field of eLearning.

How is distance education improving the quality of education in Middle Esat

In the Middle East there is a great potential of e-learning which has improved the quality of education.

Hybrid learning

With the hybrid model, students can benefit from live or online lectures from the convenience of their homes. A sizable portion of students are unable to physically attend a conventional classroom. Therefore distance education has opened up new ways to consume knowledge.

Modern LMS systems, online learning environments, and video conferencing tools allow students to participate in lessons at home just as actively as they would in a classroom.

Valeem with its user friendly LMS and learning platform has been offering ts services to the students of Middle East.

Immersive Learning Technology

With the aid of EdTech, interactive, multimedia coursework can be distributed to students across a variety of devices. It also offers an excellent platform for creativity that goes beyond the limits of conventional learning methods.

The Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates is willing to promote and support EdTech initiatives targeted at enhancing the educational process and encouraging immersive learning while also enhancing the level of instruction and learning.

A shift in Education

Digital simulations can help students not only comprehend a variety of ideas better, but also get a greater understanding of the wonders of the modern world. Thanks to technological advancements, teachers can now more effectively arrange their lessons by including a variety of activity models and interactive student tasks.