5 products you need in your makeup collection

Are you in a hurry and have no time for makeup ?

Or your zoom meeting is about to start in a few minutes but you still want to look presentable with a little amount of makeup.

Here are 5 essential makeup products that you must have in your makeup collection. These products can be applied quickly and  will give you a fresh look in  a little time.


Foundation or BB cream

This is one of the most important makeup products you should have. If you are traveling somewhere at night or want full coverage on your face, you may need to apply a foundation. People having marks on their face also need to apply this . While if you are  going out in daylight or want a subtle natural  look, ho for BB cream. A BB cream with SPF should be applied while traveling out in daylight.



A mascara will enhance the beauty of your eye lashes and will make  them look thicker and longer. Even if you are not wearing any eye makeup, a mascara will make your eyes look beautiful  and fresh.  Some people deliberately opt for mascara while going for a no-makeup look.


How can one forget lipsticks when talking about makeup? Even if you are tired, a simple application of lipstick will make you look fresh. It is advised to always keep a lipstick with you preferably of a neutral shade so that you may use it whenever you desire. A neutral or lipstick of a lighter tone can be applied on any occasion anywhere.

While applying a darker lip shade will give you a modern glamorous look for parties and dinners.

   makeup products

Compact Powder

A  compact powder is always counted among the essential  makeup products. It gives you the final makeup touch. Other than this,  it keeps the makeup fresh for a longer period of time and you may apply it over and over again to absorb excess oil and prevent your makeup from coming off. 


A bronzer helps in adding dimension to your shape.  Applying bronzer on the perimeters of your face such as jawline, chin, sides of your forehead and nose will make your features look sharper. Bronzers may be used in casual or formal events. You must know the trick of application in order to get a proper sculpted look.

While these are the essential makeup products that will enhance your beauty. But the real trick lies behind its correct application. One may destroy their natural lovely looks by wrong application of the makeup products. 

The key is to keep practicing and become a pro. A trick that works for someone may not work for you. So explore your face and become perfect