5 Benefits Of e Learning

Before COVID19 the term e learning was rarely used.  It has been three years since the pandemic has hit us. Now everyone of us has become totally familiar with the concept of online education.

Adopting it over physical learning was quite challenging during the start but with time everyone has become well acquainted with it.

There are many benefits of e learning

Efficient way of teaching.

E-learning offers an efficient way of teaching. With integration of diverse resources with regular lectures, the process proves to be more effective .  Through videos, e-books and educational material online the students are able to grasp their lessons easily. 


When we discuss the benefits of e-learning, flexibility tops the list. Instead of showing up physically for the class, the students can easily  take the class on their own time. This ensures self paced learning as well. It is possible for many students to work and continue their education at the same time through this concept.


E-learning is quite cost effective than the traditional classroom. This new system of learning is significantly affordable for many students since it saves travelling cost. In addition to this, when notes, books and other study resources are available online, one can easily save printing cost.

Improved Student Attendance.

Since online education eliminates the process of travelling. Therefore an improved student attendance has been observed after its advent. It makes it easier for the students to access their classes at the comfort of their homes . Access to lectures and study material is now possible anywhere.

Greater access to experts in their field

E-learning provides you the opportunity of taking classes from the experts in their field. The students can access classes from the best teachers around the world. This was not possible in physical classroom setup. Previously the students had to travel long distances to access the most qualified and experienced teachers.


The advent of online learning  has reshaped the system of education. Its various benefits over the conventional system is now urging everyone to adopt it. It has provided us affordability and flexibility. 

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