Quran & Tajweed




Sessions Per Week: 4 sessions per week

Session Duration: 30 Minutes

Fee Per Month (1-on-1 Tuition): PKR 6,000

Assalam o Alaikum. I am Gul Zaib from Pakistan. I am an Aalima and have also done Masters in Arabic language and Islamic studies. I have been teaching the Arabic language and Quran for more than nine years in numerous reputed institutes. Quran is not just a book, rather it is our Holy book which we read for guidance and recite for rewards so it’s necessary to recite it properly and pronounce each word with great care because pronouncing any letter incorrectly can change the meaning of the whole word. In this course, you will learn to pronounce letters from their correct articulation points, their characteristics, and the complete rules of recitation which will give you the strength to recite the holy Quran with perfection Inshaa Allah. Jazak Allah.


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