SQL for Non-Programmers (demo)

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Session Day: Saturday

Session Time:  10 am

Course fee per month: Rs.10,000

The training focuses on introducing vital concepts of programming to individuals who have little to no experience with coding. It aims to make participants comfortable with the idea of programming, understand how it works, and prepare them to hold a meaningful conversation with technical teams. The training will enable participants to write rudimentary code in SQL and use it effectively for data manipulation and retrieval.

Course Description
The course focuses on the very popular programming language SQL. SQL is a database query language and is heavily used in various spheres of the programming domain. SQL was how I started learning programming as well and I believe it to be the ideal entry point into learning more complex languages such as R and python. SQL is specifically chosen because of its ease of learning and limited syntax.
At the end of the training, participants will be comfortable in loading data into SQL, running basic and intermediate level queries, and will be able to learn ahead on their own through online resources that will be discussed. They will also understand the concept and best practices of tidy data and the pros and cons attached to different data formats.


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