CSSE-11+ Mathematics (Demo)




Sessions per week: 5 sessions

Duration of session: 1 hour

Course fee per month: Rs.15,000

The CSSE 11 Plus Mathematics paper is designed to assess pupils’ abilities across the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum. Unlike some 11Plus Maths tests, the CSSE 11 Plus Maths paper is not generally regarded as an exam that pushes children to the outer limits of their learning; instead, it generally focuses on core abilities gained throughout their primary years.

Following is the syllabus:

  • Numbers: Reading and writing numbers, Number lines, Order and compare, Place values, Prime numbers, Square numbers, Cube numbers, Operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, Patterns and sequences, Fractions and decimals, Percentages, Word problems
  • Algebra: BIDMAS, simple linear equations
  • Ratio & Proportion: Speed, distance & time, Word problems
  • Geometry: 2D shapes, Area and Perimeter of Shapes, Angles, Coordinates, Reflections and Translations
  • Measurements: Unit conversions, Mass, Length, Area, Capacity/Volume, Money, Time
  • Graphs & Statistics: Pictograms, Bar charts, Pie charts, Line charts, Mean, median, mode & range, Venn diagrams
  • Train & Bus Timetables


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