Top online learning resources for exam practice | O/A Levels

 Is exam preparation for O/A level getting on your nerves ?

Does learning the same way through books and handouts seem monotonous ?

Are you unable to completely focus on what you study ?

If you are the student facing one of the above mentioned issues, then here is a solution to your problems. Fortunately there are a number of online learning resources available on the internet where you can prepare for your O/ A level examinations.


Helps you prepare for your exams in an interesting way. Here you can create your own flash cards. In addition to this, the website uses tools that help you in learning and studying. Quizlet gets your knowledge tested through its AI system .

Khan academy

Khan academy is one of the free online learning resources. It assists students in understanding special concepts as well as help them in their courses. O/A level students can avail their services for exam preparation. Free videos and study material is present that offers in-depth learning.


One of the most  promising features of this online learning resource is that it allows you to learn with colleagues and peers having common courses. This way the student can prepare for exams effectively by helping each other out in learning similar topics.

Quizzes, notes and flashcards can also be created  here.


This website provides study support to millions of students around the world. Offers lectures from top professors. 

Apart from this site provides access to a diverse range of study cards for your exam preparation. Multiple study resources are present on the website including e-books on  a large number of subjects.


This site is a collaborative site for students and teachers. Students having the same interests may share their learning and ideas together. They may also share their queries and get them resolved. This website is quite useful  during exam preparation  as it will aid you in resolving you issues as well as clearing you doubts.

These online learning resources will  help you in preparing for the exams effectively. 

By utilizing them you can save your time and achieve your targets in the time frame provided.