Top 5 Universities Offering Free Online Courses

Many top universities in the world are offering free online courses that not only help the students in gaining knowledge and skills but also make their CVs attractive, boosting the chances of getting hired by top firms.

Listed below are some of the top universities around the world that are offering a diverse range of online courses for anyone interested.


Harvard university

Harvard is the oldest university in the United States and one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The institute offers a huge variety of online courses in the field of medicine, programming, business, arts and on an extensive range of subjects. Availing these online courses will not only provide you with knowledge but will also make your CV look attractive while applying for a job.

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The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The University offers degrees for research and advanced study in the field of science and technology. Multiple courses are present on their websites that can be availed by students (no pre requisite required).

Online Courses at HKU

These courses are taught by qualified teachers of the universities through online lectures, group discussions and exercises. The courses are available on Edx and Coursera as well.


Princeton University

It is one of the oldest institutions for higher education in the United States. The University has qualified and experienced faculty. The online free courses offered by Princeton are too taught by these renowned teachers. Coursera offers multiple courses offered by the university  on its platform.

The courses offered are in the field of programming and engineering. These may range from a few weeks to months.

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Yale University

One of the most prestigious institutions of the United States. This is a private sector University present in Connecticut through which thousands of students graduate yearly.

The University offers courses for a large global audience.

Free Online Courses Details!

These courses are available in huge domains on various platforms such as coursera and YouTube.


Stanford University 

The University is located in California, United States. It has been ranked among the most prestigious universities of the world by world academic publications.

It offers free online courses in areas of engineering, medicine, education, arts and humanities. These skill building courses can be availed with flexibility and with no fee required.

Free Courses at Stanford University!

These are some of the many free courses offered by top ranked universities globally. Avail these courses, get the skills to groom yourself and stand out among the crowd.

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