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Valeem is an e-learning platform that was established by Team ERC in early 2018. Since its inception, it has been providing quality education through live and interactive learning sessions to students not limited to Pakistan but from across the world.


It has been a source of providing online education to primary, secondary, O/A levels, tertiary grades. In addition to this, Valeem is a platform where you can learn different skills as well.


Valeem has proven to be the best online O/A level academy since its inception. By providing quality education, Valeem ensures their students secure good grades and succeed in their academics.


Qualified and dedicated faculty

At Valeem, we have the most qualified and dedicated teachers from the country. All of our tutors are experienced in their fields. They help students in learning efficiently and in securing good grades as well.


Online personal or group classes

Valeem offers interactive live 1-1 and group learning sessions. Our students believe Valeem as the best online academy as it provides them personal attention.

Our teachers provide them with individual assistance which is not offered to them in their schools and colleges.


Recorded classes

Valeem offers students the opportunity of learning by providing them recorded sessions of the online classes. Our students can always get a quick refresher of all the lessons at the time and place of one’s convenience.  


Online counselling services

Students often get confused while choosing their majors. A dedicated counsellor is available at Valeem for live interaction with the students and parents. The service is available to guide the students in the subject selection, in the university admission process, discussing their progress or providing assistance in their academics.


Free Demo Classes

Students may take free online demo classes through different teachers before beginning their course journey. Then later decide on which tutor to study from. This makes this decision an informed decision. However, if the student is still not satisfied with the tutor, Valeem switches the teacher in the middle of the month.


Parent-Teacher interaction

Valeem provides parent-teacher meeting opportunities. Parents may discuss their child’s progress and concerns with their tutors and two way transparent communication is encouraged.


Provision of Resources

Through LMS various study resources are available online to the students 24/7. LMS also provides a platform to the students to have discussion among themselves, participate in groups and forums and engage just like in a physical academic institute.


Our main aim at Valeem is to provide quality education. Our students achieve remarkable results. We have satisfied students from Pakistan and all around the globe.