Science Experiments for Kids

It is never too early to introduce your child to basic science concepts and ideas. One way to get them familiarized with them is to explore different science experiments for kids with them. You never know, some experiment may create their interest and pave their way for future profession.

 Seed Germination


science experiment for kids

This experiment will help children learn about the germination process easily. Take any seed of your choice and plant it under the soil and keep watering it daily. Keep the pot under sunlight and observe it for a week. You will be able to notice that seeds begin to germinate and sprouting occurs.

Secret ink with lemon juice


science experiments for kids

Practice this science experiment for kids at home. Squeeze out lemon juice and then write something using the lemon juice and let it dry. The writing becomes visible once you expose it to heat.

Lemon juice being an organic substance gets oxidized when exposed to heat, thus turning brown.


Making a Rainbow


science experiments for kids

Take a glass of water 3/4 full. Secondly place it on white paper near the source of sunlight . As the sunlight passes through the glasses of water and falls on the white paper sheet, you will notice a rainbow over there. 

The rainbow is formed as a result of reflection of light through a different medium ( glass of water). Same happens when sunlight passes through raindrops, it refracts and forms a rainbow in the sky.


Magnetic Attraction


Science Experiments for kids

Ask your children to collect items from the house and their toys. Next, by using a magnet ask them to collect each object . Some objects due to magnetic attraction are possible to pick up while others are not.

This way you can teach them about magnetic properties of different materials. This is one of the most fun science experiments for kids.


Liquid Layer Density


science experiments for kids

The children may be able to learn about density through this fun experiment. 

Take three different liquids , ( oil, water syrup) 

Food coloring 

Mix food coloring with water and pour it into a glass, then pour syrup and finally pour oil. Let the liquids settle for sometime. After a while you will be able to notice that three different layers of liquid are formed inside the glass. Oil having the least density on the top, water with medium density in the middle and syrup having the highest density of all at the bottom most. Watch here


Kids of all ages will love these experiments. This will not only increase their knowledge but also inculcate interest in them about scientific concepts. These concepts will not only help them in their academics but their whole lives.









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