Cambridge O Level Sociology (2251) demo

 0 60 minutes



Per week sessions: 2

Class Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Monthly Tuition Fee: PKR 12,000

The educational aims of Cambridge O Level Sociology are to:
• Promote candidates’ awareness, knowledge, and understanding of human societies
• Develop candidates’ understanding of sociological methods, including the collection, analysis and
interpretation of data
• Provide an introduction to sociological concepts, theories, and research findings
• Stimulate awareness of the range and limitations of sociological theory and research
• Promote candidates’ understanding of continuity and change in social life
• Encourage a critical awareness of social, economic, and political processes and their effects
• Develop the capacity for critical evaluation of different forms of information and evidence
• Promote an appreciation and understanding of individual, social and cultural diversity
• Enhance candidates’ ability to apply sociological knowledge and understanding to their own lives and their participation in society.


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