Cambridge O Level Mathematics – Additional (4037)




Sessions Per Month: 8 sessions per month
Session Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
Fee Per Month: 18000

The aims are to:
• consolidate and extend their mathematical skills, and use these in the context of more advanced techniques
• further develop their knowledge of mathematical concepts and principles, and use this knowledge for problem
• appreciate the interconnectedness of mathematical knowledge
• acquire a suitable foundation in mathematics for further study in the subject or in mathematics-related
• devise mathematical arguments and use and present them precisely and logically
• integrate information technology (IT) to enhance the mathematical experience
• develop the confidence to apply their mathematical skills and knowledge in appropriate situations
• develop creativity and perseverance in the approach to problem solving
• derive enjoyment and satisfaction from engaging in mathematical pursuits, and gain an appreciation of the
elegance and usefulness of mathematics
• provide foundation for AS Level/Higher study


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