Cambridge International AS Level Sociology (9699)




Sessions Per Week: 3 sessions

Class Duration: 1 Hour 45 Minutes

Monthly Tuition Fee: PKR 9,000

Cambridge International AS & A Level Sociology encourages learners to think sociologically about contemporary social, cultural, and political issues. The syllabus provides opportunities to explore key concepts and debates that underpin the discipline of sociology and to develop the skills of interpretation, application, analysis and evaluation while studying a range of stimulating topics and real-world issues. This course encourages learners to be:

  • confident, communicating sociological ideas and arguments to others, and exploring contemporary social issues with maturity and insight
  • responsible, recognizing the importance of culture and community, and able to appreciate cultural differences and alternative perspectives on social issues
  • reflective, reviewing, and refining their skills of analysis and evaluation and drawing connections between specific examples and wider issues
  • innovative, developing informed views about real-world issues, and an ability to think sociologically to understand problems and respond to questions
  • engaged, learning through independent study and collaboration; debating issues and using research findings to tackle sociological questions.


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