Cambridge International A2 Level Biology (9700) demo

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Sessions per week: 5 sessions

Session Duration: 1 hour

Course fees per month: Rs.15,000

Cambridge International AS & A Level Biology develops a set of transferable skills including handling data, practical problem-solving, and applying the scientific method. Learners develop relevant attitudes, such as concern for accuracy and precision, objectivity, integrity, inquiry, initiative, and inventiveness. This course encourages learners to be:

  • Confident, secure in their knowledge, keen to explore further, and able to communicate effectively through the language of science
  • Responsible, for developing efficient and safe scientific practices and working collaboratively with others
  • Reflective, able to evaluate evidence to draw informed and appropriate conclusions, and recognizing that the applications of science have the potential to affect the individual, the community, and the environment
  • Innovative, applying problem-solving skills to novel situations and engaging with new tools and techniques, including information technology, to develop successful approaches
  • Engaged, developing an inquiring mind, keen to apply scientific skills in everyday life.


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