Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies (0450)




Sessions per week: 3 Sessions
Session Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes
Fee Per Month: PKR 7,000

The aims describe the purposes of a course based on this syllabus.
The aims are to enable students to:
• Apply their knowledge and critical understanding to current issues and problems in a wide range of business contexts
• Make effective use of relevant terminology, concepts, and methods, and recognize the strengths and limitations of the ideas used in business
• Distinguish between facts and opinions, and evaluate qualitative and quantitative data in order to help build arguments and make informed judgments
• Appreciate the perspectives of a range of stakeholders in relation to the business environment, individuals, society, government, and enterprise
• Develop knowledge and understanding of the major groups and organizations within and outside business, and consider ways in which they are able to influence objectives, decisions, and activities
• Develop knowledge and understanding of how the main types of businesses are organized, financed, and operated, and how their relations with other organizations, consumers, employees, owners, and society are regulated
• Develop skills of numeracy, literacy, inquiry, selection, and use of relevant sources of information, presentation, and interpretation
• Develop an awareness of the nature and significance of innovation and change within the context of business activities
• Acquire a foundation for further study of business or other subjects.


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