Online Tuition with Valeem vs Face to Face Tuition

Valeem has been providing online education to students all over the world for the last 3 years.
The concept of online tuition has been adopted by Valeem to ensure effective and advanced learning. Since the world is moving at an alarming speed,  it was necessary to keep up the pace and so was the idea inspired to provide education that meets the global standards and make it accessible to everyone at the convenience of smart devices.
However, COVID19 and the lockdown following it, forced everyone around the world to adopt this idea since physical learning wasn’t possible.

Self paced learning 

Valeem provides the student with an opportunity of self paced learning. Students are able to control the amount of study material they want to consume and have the ability to set the duration of the class by mutually deciding it with their tutors. This allows the student to clearly focus on what they are studying and increases their efficiency.

Online tuition with Valeem provides 24/7 access to learning material

Unlike face to face tuition, study materials i.e. the assignments, quizzes, teaching videos, recorded lectures are always available to Valeem students. With face to face tuition a student has to be physically present at the tutors place.


Online tuition with Valeem offers flexibility to the students. There is no fixed time to take classes. Students and tutors can mutually decide on which time to take the class. This offers both of them flexibility and a sense of ease. This convenience has been promoting efficiency among the students.

Ability to get the best tutor from anywhere

Online tuition with Valeem helps you get the best tutor from anywhere irrespective of the location. This is something students can never achieve in face to face tuition. Face to face tuition will only allow you to get tutored from somewhere in the vicinity. When the concept of online study was not introduced, students have to either travel far from their homes in order to avail the best tutors or get tutored from a random teacher near their home.

No traveling required

With the concept of online education Valeem has not only increased the efficiency in the learning process but also saved the cost and time of traveling for the students. With a single touch on their smart devices they can avail the lectures and study material for which they previously have to travel. With Valeem the cost of traveling and the time of traveling both can be eliminated, giving students more study time, to help them achieve their goals.
The concept of online learning has undoubtedly improved the quality of education for the students and tutors as well. The concept had been a little difficult for everyone to adopt in the start but with the passage of time students are now adjusting to this new trend.

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    This is very good effort from valeem this is a best opportunity for every student to learn at home a language online free course

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