How Online Tuition Classes Work: 10 FAQs

How online tuition classes work at Valeem? 

Valeem allows interactive dynamic student-teacher interaction. Through its user-friendly interface Valeem provides students access not only to online classes but recorded lectures as well. The students may also avail online resources, notes, assignments and practice exams.


How is an online classroom conducted? 

Online tuition classes are conducted through the platform of Valeem Learning Management System LMS which is a user-friendly interface. Valeem LMS provides easy and efficient access to learning and study materials so the students can practice and re-affirm the learned concepts.


How are class timings set? 

Class timings are set mutually by both the tutor and student for one on one sessions. However, for group sessions the teacher recommends the most suitable study hours, keeping in mind the comfort and ease of the students flexible schedule is set.


How do students interact in an online course?

We have an amazing faculty that makes students feel at ease. Students are encouraged to participate in class and discuss their queries. They can verbally ask their queries or type them in text.

Whether it is a group class or an individual one, Valeem ensures to make students feel at home and discuss their issues as openly as possible.


How can parents check the progress of the student?

Through our efficient Learning Management System LMS parents can monitor the progress of the students. The facility of PTM is provided too so that the parents may contact the teacher and have a one to one conversation regarding academic progress of the students with their tutors.


Monthly counseling sessions are also arranged to discuss the overall progress of the child with our counselor. You can also share your feedback for the tutor(s) and the quality of online resources.


How are tests conducted?

Students are being assessed online through quizzes and assessments. Regular homework and assignments are also being given in order to check their progress on a daily basis. LMS has a cavity of conducting quizzes, true/false, descriptive tests, MCQs, etc.


How are parent teacher meetings organized?

Parent teacher meetings are pre announced and aligned with mutual concern. Zoom calls are arranged or telephonic conversation may also be an option.


What is the mode of class?

Live class is conducted where teachers and students can interact with each other. So the teacher can explain the concept and  instantaneously get the feedback from the students alongside resolving their queries. Moreover, Valeem also has this facility to conduct self-paced courses.


What is the duration of course?

The duration of the course depends upon the nature of the course. It may stretch from a single day workshop to a nine month long program.


Teachers profile?

We have an amazing faculty that is highly qualified and have vast teaching experience in renowned institutes of the country.

Teachers are selected on the basis of their education, experience and interviews.

To register for a free online demo class, fill this form https://valeem.com/valeem-online-classes/ and keep learning from anywhere, anytime!

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