Online Internships for Students and Graduates

Ever since the pandemic has occurred both the students and graduates are missing out on internships and job opportunities.
The change brought due to COVID19 is creating problems for the students and fresh graduates to gain practical experience that was only possible through internships.


Some companies and organizations have therefore started offering online internships that can be availed in order to get practical exposure. One of the many advantages of online internships over physical ones is easy access, flexibility and safety of time and money.


Organizations offer various types of internships. For instance some offer free internships, others offer near to free internships and then there are organizations offering paid internships.
Listed below are few online internships that both students and graduates can avail:



Google offers a variety of online internships for both the students at undergraduate and graduate levels and for the graduates as well. Internships for STEM programs, marketing, digital marketing and business are available.


Practicum offers 8 week online interview internship programs at companies based in silicon valley, New York, and around the world.
A huge variety of internships mainly in the field of engineering are being offered.


Social media

The best and most effective way to find  internships is to search social media. These days internships are being displayed on Facebook groups.



Evolution magazine is a Pakistani technology, science, fiction, entrepreneurship, business and gaming magazine. The magazine is offering online internships to students in a diverse range of fields.



At Forage, every student has a chance to get ahead. They offer virtual work experience programs giving students the opportunity to learn career skills from Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Google, Quantium, KPMG etc.


The goal of an internship is to apply the theoretical knowledge you have gained at your institute and gain practical experience in return. During the pandemic when nearly half of the world is under lockdown online internships are a great source of experience and must be availed.

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