How Valeem is helping students through live interactive online classes

Valeem is an online platform that has been providing quality education through interactive online classes to the students around the world in individual and group sessions.

Valeem introduced the concept of e-learning way before the global pandemic that forced the entire world population to adapt this concept.

We didn’t adopt the idea of online learning just for the ease and comfort of availing education at your home, instead at Valeem we wanted to promote advanced learning in this modern era through the use of technology.


Easy to use LMS

Valeem has been providing live interactive online classes to 10+ countries around the world. Through the use of the Learning management system LMS, smooth lectures and classes are being conducted. Students may avail live classes and the recorded lectures as well in case they have missed one. Students are encouraged to ask questions, discuss their queries and share their point of view.


Personal attention and self-paced learning environment

Personal attention is provided to students who are not comfortable in attending group sessions. Since everyone has a different learning style and pace so our tutors ensure self paced learning by providing them 1/1 live interactive online classes and personal attention.


Variety of online programs and courses

A huge variety of online programs and courses are being offered at Valeem. From academics (O/A levels/matric to university level education), preparation of IELTS, SAT, GMAT to skill based courses Valeem has qualified tutors available.

Foreign language courses are also being taught at Valeem.


Qualified and Experienced tutors

Highly qualified and experienced tutors who have teaching experiences in various renowned institutes of the town have been providing their services at Valeem. With their vast knowledge and passion for teaching they not only deliver their lectures efficiently but have been helping students achieve highest grades.


Online Counselling

In addition to the highly qualified teaching faculty, Valeem also offers counseling services to the students. This helps the students as well as their parents to gain proper guidance not only in academics but career counseling as well. Parent-teacher meetings are arranged too in order to discuss the progress of the students with their parents.

Monthly Parent-Teacher Meeting | Monthly Counseling Sessions with Valeem Counselor


Highly recommended by parents and students from  12+ countries

Valeem has been offering its services in 12+ countries around the world and has a high satisfaction ratio by both the parents and tutors. Due to this it is not only recommended by the parents and students here in Pakistan but all around the world.

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