How to solve O level Maths Past Papers

A significant number of O level students will say that they find Maths the most challenging subject among all the courses. Mathematics may be hard but by efficiently practicing it you can ace it. The majority of teachers advise the students to practice past papers as much as possible.

As the old proverb says “Practice makes a man perfect“. Similarly, by regularly solving past papers you will get familiarised with the paper pattern, the important topics, which type of questions appear in the exams, and how to attempt them.


Where to find past papers?

There are numerous websites that offer O level maths past papers free of cost. Most of them provide free access to solved past papers as well.


GCE Guide

The website offers past papers of all the subjects. One can easily access solved papers as well here. The site provides various other educational resources, guidelines for exams, and topical past papers as well.


Papa Cambridge 

At Papa Cambridge, students can easily find past papers of any subject by just entering the course code. Topical past papers are available on the site for easier preparation topic by topic. Books, syllabus, and notes can be accessed too.

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Xtreme papers

At Xtreme papers, you can find O level maths past papers. Papers from a vast number of years are available for effective revision and practice.


Tips for Solving the Past Papers:


Prepare Using Topical Past Papers

When you have started preparing for maths, it is recommended to always start practicing from the topical past papers. When you have started studying topic wide, attempt the relevant topical past paper straight away.


Practice Paper 1 then Paper 2

Always practice topical paper 1 first then paper 2. Since topical paper 1 is easy, therefore it will involve fewer steps. Practicing paper 1 is time saving. Once it is done, move on and practice paper 2.


Mark the complicated questions

While attempting the past paper, mark the question you find complicated. If you fail to attempt a question correctly, mark that question as well. This way you’ll be able to practice it again and again and then rectify the errors as well.


Start yearly past papers after topical

When you have solved all the topical past papers, start practicing the yearly ones. During the final revision, it is recommended to attempt yearly past papers that too the recent ones.


Practice is the key, especially for maths. The more you practice, the lesser the chances of mistakes. Attempting the past papers will help you in confidently attempting and acing the final exam.

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