How to score high in TOEFL

TOEFL ( Test Of English as a Foreign Language) evaluates the English Language proficiency of non native speakers. The test assesses one’s ability to read, listen, write and speak in English. It is used for academic purposes, while applying for scholarships or during immigration processes.

In order to secure high score in this test, you are advised to follow these guidelines.


Define your target 

For TOEFL preparation it is essential that you know what are the requirements of the university you are applying to. What is the  score you need to acquire in order to get admitted to that university or for immigration process.


Know the Test Structure

There are two modes of the test 

TOEFL iBT ( internet based test)

TOEFL PBT ( paper based test)

The TOEFL test evaluates your English reading, listening, writing and speaking skills.

See the Test Structure here

Read and write as much as you can 

Reading helps you in developing vocabulary. These vocabulary will assist you in each step of the preparation, whether it is reading, listening, writing or speaking. Practicing the writing part will make you perfect. Just follow the template and practice since it will sharpen your skills.

Familiarize yourself with the American accent

It is essential that you get acquainted with the American accent. This will help you during the listening part. Many candidates have above average English proficiency but they face difficulty being unfamiliar with the American accent.

Take Practice Test 

You can take an online practice test. It is recommended to take a test prior to your preparation and the next one after it. This way you will be able to track your own progress. Practicing will let you know the challenging areas and the areas you lag behind.


Prioritize practicing difficult part 

It is essential that you identify which area you need the most practice in . Some candidates find reading difficult while for others speaking is the most complex one. Start practicing that part first since it will be time consuming.

Reference books for your preparation

The official guide to TOEFL test

Official TOEFL iBT tests Volume 1 and Volume 2

Barron’s essential words for the TOEFL

Princeton s review cracking the TOEFL iBT