How to Privately Take O Level Exams?

There are two ways to take O level examinations. One to register from your school and appear as a regular student and the other one to sit in the exam as a private candidate.

The registration procedure for a regular candidate is performed by their institutes. So if you are applying as a private candidate you must follow these instructions for your registration process.

Here is a guideline for you to take your O level exams privately.


Selection of subjects and teachers

This is the most important step even before applying for a formal registration. The selection of subjects is essential since your whole future and professional life depends on it. Courses should be selected after discussion with your teachers and academic counsellors but of course prioritizing your own interest. Subject combination must be in accordance with the future prospect of the students. After subject selection one must choose the best private tutors available for those courses. Since getting help and learning from experienced and qualified teachers help you achieve your goal.


Career counseling and academic advising


Registration procedure

The registration can be performed by the student himself or through a coaching centre. Hiring someone experienced to get you through the registration procedure will reduce the chances of error. Since Cambridge charges a huge fine for rectifying errors, it is recommended to get your registration done by someone experienced.

The procedure is mentioned below.

  • Visit
  • Take an exam
  • Choose IGCSE/O level
  • How to register
  • Select country
  • Choose your awarding body and year
  • Selection process of subjects
  • Add to basket
  • Payment (two options are available for payment. Through credit card payment is directly done and is a fast process. Whereas payment can be performed through the bank as well within a week. The latter is however a lengthy process).
  • Request for special arrangements

*You may request the Cambridge international board for special arrangements in case you are having two exams at the same time. Students suffering from a health condition may also request Cambridge for special arrangements (for instance a student having weak eyesight may request Cambridge for a paper with larger font than normal). These requests must be made to Cambridge international board prior to your examinations through an email.


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