How to Prepare for O Levels Maths! Here 5 Best Ways To Do It

While preparing for exams it’s everyone’s desire to perform well and score maximum grades. When we talk about score gaining courses mathematics tops the list. For some students this is the main reason for working hard for the mathematics exam while for others it’s a complex subject that needs more preparation than others.

Here are a few ways to prepare well for the O level Mathematics Exam.


While practicing use past papers, don’t randomly attempt the paper on your iPhone or smart devices, instead get the past paper printed out and attempt on that paper. This will give you an idea of your working time required for each question and writing speed.


Always start practicing topical and the easier topics first. If you start with the complex topics first, chances are you will spend  less time on that and you may not get time to practice the easier and smaller topics. Since 70 percent of the paper is from smaller topics, practice them first.


Many students get skeptical while answering questions in their O level exams. They use pencils for attempting such questions and then pen them out again which wastes a lot of time. For your mathematics or level exams you can utilize the space provided at the end of your paper for rough working and then directly answer the questions with a pen in the space provided.


Since O level Mathematics is based on 2 parts. P1 and P2. For P2 you may use a calculator but P1 depends on your mental maths since calculators are not permitted. That’s why a student must sharpen his/ her mental maths. There are many techniques you can use for this purpose. You may watch videos from as well.


Practice formula sheets as much as possible and make a list of your own. This list will help you identify the different methods of using those formulae. While carrying out the final revision this list will be of great help.


Mathematics may be a complicated course for the majority of the students but since it is a score-gaining subject you can always  make full use of it by practicing well and following the above mentioned tricks.


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