How fitness helps with Mental Well-being

Fitness holds an immense importance in the life of any person irrespective of their age or status. By exercising regularly you not only keep your body physically fit but also boost your mental well-being. Exercise promotes mental well-being and reduces the risks of several diseases. 

Mentioned below are the ways through which exercise promotes mental well-being.


Release of  Hormones

Exercise helps in releasing certain brain chemicals known as hormones. Hormones such as dopamine and serotonin  are released.  Dopamine helps in reducing depression and anxiety. Whereas Serotonin helps in developing a better mood and maintaining proper sleep as well.


Distraction from Negative thoughts

Exercises help in eliminating negative thoughts from your brain . The distraction from negative thoughts helps you in maintaining mental well-being. Moreover the release of endorphins aids you in staying positive. This helps you in trying new experiences. Exercise also contributes to your mental well-being. 


Proper flow of Oxygen and Blood circulation

Exercise helps in maintaining a proper flow of oxygen and blood circulation to different parts of your body. In addition to this, it aids in the production of new brain cells (neurons) and protects the old ones from degeneration. Thus playing a vital role in  maintaining mental overall mental health.


Improve Self esteem

Fitness holds a significant importance in improving and building up one’s self esteem. Often people tend to feel insecure about their body images. Exercises help you in getting physically fit. Having a positive body image makes one feel confident. Secondly self esteem is improved when one feels great about his/ her body.


Sharper memory and enhanced thinking ability

Exercise releases endorphins that not only help in making you feel better but also help in keeping you focused and mentally alert.  The growth of new brain cells promotes higher brain function. Consequently enhances thinking ability and protects from age related degeneration of brain cells.


Staying fit is not as difficult as it sounds. Only a little motivation and determination can help you achieve your target. A half an hour of exercise is enough if you are doing it properly . Therefore it is necessary to adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle.



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