How Does Online Tutoring Help Students With Learning Disabilities?

Learning disabilities affect the brain’s ability to send, receive and process information. A child with this condition may have difficulties in reading/writing skills as well as speaking or listening abilities. This may be because their attention span often won’t let them stay focused on just one thing and they usually get distracted.


A learning disability should never become a hindrance in pursuing education. These students require special teaching methods. Therefore, Online tutoring helps students with learning disabilities in a variety of ways.


Access to Resources 

For students with learning disabilities, handwritten lectures and assignments can be boring and difficult to understand. Therefore through online tutoring, the tutor can make use of different videos, gaming techniques, and pictures to help the students understand the concepts better and quickly. This way of online tutoring will not only aid in effective learning for the students but will also create an interest to grab knowledge.


Asynchronous learning environment

Through online tutoring students receive abundant time to digest the study material at their own pace. They can schedule their classes, complete lectures, attempt assignments, and homework at any time.

The asynchronous learning environment allows students to spend more time on the challenging areas and then work towards perfection. This system, unlike the conventional learning environment, helps students with learning disabilities.


Useful websites 

Online tutors can help their students through a bunch of websites available on the internet. These websites have been designed for students with special needs.



Online tutoring provides comfort 

Online tutoring doesn’t require in-person meetings. For people with learning disabilities, attending physical classes on time can be a challenging task. This may stress them out. Online tutoring provides the opportunity of attending classes in the comfort of one’s home. 

This helps the student to perform better since they are comfortable and stress free.


Enables contact with Parents

With online tutoring, the educators can keep in touch with the parents easily. Therefore it is easier for both the parents and teachers to discuss the weakness and challenges the student is facing and his/her areas of improvement. The online system of learning provides a platform for discussing the progress of the students, unlike the physical classroom setup.


Learning disabilities and the academic challenges faced due to it may lead to lower self esteem, and lack of confidence among the students. They may face other behavioral issues. All of these can be countered by guiding them through the right path and helping them achieve their goals and targets at their own pace instead of comparing them with others.


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