Health and Fitness | Importance of regular exercising schedule

Exercise plays a vital role in maintaining health and fitness . Everyone wants to stay fit but just needs a little motivation to workout.  Exercising regularly needs a little determination. You need to be disciplined to continue it once you have started.

There are various benefits of a regular exercising schedule that may encourage you to incorporate this activity into your daily routine. 

Strengthen muscles and bones

Health and Fitness is necessary for everyone. As we age, our muscles become weak and we may lose strength. By exercising regularly we maintain a healthy muscle mass. 

A regular exercising schedule may also aid in building proper bone density preventing osteoporosis in the future.

Increases energy level

Everyone wants to be energetic. Exercise maintains a proper flow of oxygen in the body. Moreover the increase in oxygen circulation produces more energy allowing the body to function  better. Even going out for a brisk walk can boost up one’s energy level.

Improves brain health 

Exercising helps in improving brain health by promoting proper blood flow and oxygen level.  

Improved cognitive function  and concentration levels are observed in people having a regular exercising schedule. Exercise helps in reducing anxiety. In addition to this, it aids production of new brain cells and prevents the old ones from degeneration.

Enhances the health of your heart 

Exercise improves your cardiac heath. By maintaining a proper blood pressure, exercising lowers the stress on your heart.  Secondly increased HDL and reduced LDL is observed. Exercise boosts health and fitness and protects the body from harmful diseases such as cardiac arrest, coronary heart disease and high cholesterol.

Helps maintain weight

Obesity leads to various other diseases. Therefore in order to maintain overall health and fitness, one must control their body weight.  Having a healthy weight according to your BMI  is crucial. Exercise helps in burning your calories and maintaining a healthy weight as well. An overweight person has a greater tendency of developing diabetes and high blood pressure.


Due to the sedentary lifestyle people are less active these days. Therefore the need for a regular exercising schedule has increased now.   In order to improve  health and fitness, one must bring changes in their way of living as well.



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