Exam Preparation Techniques for IGCSE & O Level Exams

It’s the time of the year again. Examinations are around the corner.  One of the main concerns of the students is to prepare effectively and gain good grades.  The students  appearing for IGCSE and  O Levels examinations have to struggle even more since their admission to a reputable college depends primarily on their IGCSE and O level results.

Listed below are a few exam preparation techniques for IGCSE and O level examinations.


Early revision

It is advised to every student to start their revision as early as possible.  One must have enough time to review and understand every topic. Cramming is not productive and must be avoided since it costs one his sleep. Sleep is crucial for performing well in the exams and lack of sleep won’t help you restore the information you have received.


Review and practice past papers

It is important for every student to go through past papers and practice them. Reviewing past papers will help you understand the paper pattern and the type of questions asked in the exams, whereas timely practice of these papers will help you in time management and in identifying where you stand.


Develop a proper study plan

In order to achieve high test performance one must set a proper study plan.  A schedule can be prepared that includes regular study sessions. Topic wise sessions can be designed, prioritizing the most difficult ones.  As you progress, you can alter the plan according to your needs.


Study groups

Studying in groups is an effective way to prepare for exams. Whether you are IGCSE or an O level student, a group study will help you buildup confidence and provide you with a support system. It will help you identify your weaknesses and areas where you lag behind.  By studying in a group and then reviewing your progress with each other you’ll be able to identify the gaps in learning.


Take breaks

Taking regular intervals between your study sessions is crucial since it promotes proper functioning of the brain. By breaking down the information you want to learn, you allow your brain to easily retain it.  Therefore periodic breaks are essential to effectively study and prepare for your exams


There is a long list of strategies and ways to prepare effectively for your exams, while these strategies work for some , they may not for others. It is therefore recommended that students must practice and find out what suits them the best and then follow it.


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