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Entrepreneurship is the study and process of starting a new business. The entrepreneurship course (online) is designed to teach students the concepts of entrepreneurship, the process of creating a business plan for a new idea and executing that idea into a new product. It equips students with entrepreneurial skills that are useful for any career they choose.


How Is An Entrepreneurship Course Useful?

  • It helps you solve problems in a more innovative way.
  • It gives you the ability to think critically.
  • It is helpful for personal growth and development.

Benefits Of Taking This Course At Valeem

  • Interactive classes
  • Personal attention from instructor
  • Flexible schedule
  • Trained and qualified instructor
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You will learn everything you need to know about being an entrepreneur, such as:

  • The core concepts
  • How to think like an Entrepreneur
  • What you should care about and conversely ignore
  • How to go about gathering the resources you need to tackle your dream


Who should attend:

  • Anyone interested in starting their own business and becoming self employed
  • Anyone interested in becoming an Entrepreneur


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