Top revision tips for O & A levels students | Tips for effective revision

Feeling anxious or nervous these days?

You don’t need to panic since you are among the majority of O & A levels students who feel this way when the exams approach near. One of the main concerns of the students is where to begin with their revision.


Here are a few tips for effective revision for their O & A level exams.


Make a timetable 

Make a timetable and follow it religiously. The timetable should contain all the material that has to be revised. Divide them into blocks. Study in chunks and prioritize your studying material and subjects according to your weaknesses.


Have a proper sleep 

Having a proper night sleep is essential for your brain cells to work effectively. Studying for hours without having a proper sleep will affect your health and will cause problems in retention of what you have studied as well.


Study in intervals 

Scientific studies suggest that for an effective learning process the brain needs to perform a task in chunks. Spending hours on a monotonous task is not productive .

Taking intervals while revising will help in better retention of the subject matter.


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Self Assessment

It is a proven way in learning and quick revision of information. Asking yourself questions from time to time while studying will help you in proper understanding of that subject. Attempting past papers in a timer setting will also help.


Modify your study style

Studying the subjects the same day regularly can be a monotonous task. Modify your revision style using flash cards, mind maps, memory games, and revision guides. Learning then delivering that information to a friend and/or a close family member.


Avoid distractions

It is always advised  to keep away all the distractions such as phones, TV and other smart devices. Phones may divert your focus even if you are using it for a minute since continuous feeds are updating on your phone so it is hard to stay focused on your studies while using the phone at the same time.


Stay Calm

Staying calm and stress free is vital for effective revision. Majority of the O & A levels students complain that despite studying well they couldn’t remember. Stress may cause you to forget what you have studied. It is therefore recommended to stay calm and positive.


There is not a perfect formula for hundred percent effective revision. While the tips work for the  majority, some of them may not be right for you. So you need to find out which tips work the best for you and stick to it.

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