Common College Application Mistakes

Getting admitted to a highly competitive college is  an aim of every high school student. College application tasks can be overwhelming for many students due to their already busy schedules as well as lots of paperwork. Due to the complexities some students fail to get admission in their desired colleges. Listed below are few college application mistakes that students generally make.


Excluding the Essay

Essays are essential for your college applications.  They make you stand out among other students. Essays help the college know more about the students  since it is a personalized way of letting the admission officer know about you other than your grades and scores you have achieved. Some colleges don’t demand essays but the students are still advised to include them into their applications.


Sending one application to multiple colleges

It is not wise to send a common application to multiple colleges. Since every college is different, their requirements are different. Therefore the student must understand that they need to create different applications for each college keeping in mind the criteria of that particular college.


Listing all the Activities

Mentioning your extra curricular activities on the college application is essential but it is not necessary to list all of them. One common mistake made by the majority of the students is including all of their activities. Just focus on the activities that admission officers look for. Apart from this the activities that reflect your passion, struggle and most importantly your talent attract the admission officers.


Low grades

Some students don’t put much effort. It is a misconception among the students that scoring high in their admission tests will help them get into college easily. They fail to understand that their grades matter the most. The admission officers deeply look into the grades of the students in order to judge where they stand. Are they among the ones who blend in or the ones who stand out?


Neglecting your counselor

A counselor may guide you in the college application process. From listing down the best colleges to preparing for the admissions and then finalizing. Some students take their counselor for granted hence end up making mistakes while applying for colleges. The counselor may help you sort out the tiniest issue that you are unable o figure out. 


There are plenty of things to consider while applying for colleges.  The quality of the substance you submit matters the most. However by avoiding these college application mistakes  you can succeed in getting admitted to your desired renowned college.



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