Boosting Immune System

Immune system helps in defending one’s body against harmful microorganisms, infections and diseases. Lifestyle plays a vital role in boosting one’s immune system. By adopting healthy habits, you can improve your immunity and resistance against diseases 

Here are 5 ways for boosting  immune system


Exercising is necessary for being healthy. Even if it’s for 30 minutes. Exercises improve physical and mental health as well. It keeps the cardiovascular system healthy. By realizing different chemicals in the body, it activates fight and flight response.

Eat fruits and vegetables

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is very crucial to boost up your immunity. Therefore incorporate fruits and vegetables in your diet. This way you will get various antioxidants and vitamins essential for fighting against diseases. Citric fruits help build white blood cells because of their high vitamin C levels.


Keeping yourself clean and hygienic means you are eliminating the chances of getting infected by viruses and bacteria on your body and surroundings. Develop a habit of taking showers regularly, washing hands and maintaining proper oral hygiene. Keeping things sanitized also saves from several diseases.

Avoid Stress

Stress increases the production of cortisol , a stress hormone that suppresses the immunity of our body. Cortisol weakens our body’s response to fighting against diseases. Therefore in order to boost the immune system one must try to avoid Stress as much as possible. Try distracting yourself when in a stressful situation. Read a book, exercise, cook or go for a walk.


The most effective way to boost up your immunity is to get vaccinated. Vaccination protects your body from harmful viruses that may enter your body. There are a series of vaccines that start as early as a child is born and the process continues for years.  Several new vaccinations are developed with time when new viruses are discovered. 


Bringing a slight change in your lifestyle and following these tips is easier than it sounds.

It is important that we keep a check on the things discussed above in order to improve our immune system. Life is precious so it’s better to keep yourself healthy and strongly immune to diseases.