Best Online Dictionaries for Students

Gone are the days when people used to  tote around pages of books to find the meaning of a word. They had to carry a pocket dictionary along with them while visiting their schools, colleges or even universities.  These days with advancement in technology and revolution in the education sector  online dictionaries are in use. These dictionaries are efficient as well as a time saving option.

Listed below are few of the best online dictionaries for the students 


Merriam-Webster is an American online dictionary that not only provides words meaning  but their proper pronunciation. This online resource can also aid the students in finding the synonyms/ antonyms , inshort it works as a thesaurus as well. 

You may find example sentences of the words you find difficult to understand.

Oxford Dictionary

Oxford Dictionary is the largest and most trusted online resource. It offers word meanings and  pronunciation in both American and British accents. In addition to this the dictionary also offers word meanings with pictures, example sentences, synonyms and antonyms. Students may also avail different theme based categorised dictionaries.

Cambridge dictionary

Cambridge dictionary is among the well renowned dictionaries. It provides a vast category of dictionaries for new learners, British and American speakers.  The dictionary offers translation to other languages as well. Students may avail free word puzzles, quizzes and blogs on this online resource. is a 20 year old ideal online dictionary for the English language. The dictionary works as a thesaurus, providing word definitions and idioms as well. With  the availability of audio pronunciation, it makes it easier for new learners  to understand and then speak that word. also provides games  and puzzles 

Collins Dictionary

Collins is a famous publisher for educational content. It has a vast range of dictionaries for schoolers to new learners. This online dictionary aids in easy learning grammar. It serves as a thesaurus and translator as well. With its unique and advanced features Collins helps in easier and faster word search and in improving grammar and fluency.


An online dictionary is  a useful  resource  for everyone irrespective of their age, education or occupation.  The use of these dictionaries is not only limited to word search but can be used as a  thesaurus, translator and a grammar learning tool as well.