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Is student engagement a problem for you during online classes? Do you want to make your lectures interactive? Do you want to boost class participation in your virtual classroom? Well, the majority of the educators teaching online desire the same. Since online education is a little different from the traditional physical classroom setup, conventional strategies will not work now. Listed below are a few strategies to improve students’ participation in your virtual classroom. Modify your teaching style It is recommended to all the teachers modify their learning styles a bit. Through the use of LMS incorporating videos, images into your teaching style and use of different resources will increase the interest of the students.  The trick will surely work for increasing their engagement in the virtual classroom.  Keeping the cameras on  Asking your students to turn on their cameras will surely force them to stay alert and fully engaged during the virtual classroom. This enables the teacher to see their faces and keep track of who is actually involved in the lecture. Make them feel at ease Provide a comfortable learning environment to the students. Make them feel at ease so that they can express their ideas. Always encourage them by asking questions and clearing out their doubts. This will make your virtual classroom more interactive. Rewards Start rewarding your students for every class participation. This will surely motivate them to ask questions to clear their doubts, answer the questions and express their views on a certain topic. By introducing this idea a sense of competition will be created among the students that will increase engagement in the class.  Provide a sense of purpose to your lectures Teaching only theoretical knowledge to the students often becomes boring. It is imperative to relate every course you teach with its practical application and relation to our daily lives. For instance, providing examples from the surroundings and relating the concepts to them will surely create interest among your students. Divide your lessons into smaller fragments By dividing your lectures into smaller fragments they will be delivered effectively and will be easier for the students to digest the information. Teaching continuously for a longer period of time will not be fruitful and will increase the frustration level of the students as well. Providing feedback  Providing feedback on a regular basis is essential. This will help your students know the areas they need improvements in and therefore they will be active and concentrate fully in their next classes. Positive feedback on their achievement is also necessary as it will encourage them to continue their participation.   A teacher may face several difficulties while delivering lectures in a virtual classroom set up but these can be overcome. Getting full student engagement may be a challenging task at the start but by following these simple strategies one can gradually overcome it. For more updates, check out our events page or visit our YouTube channel for training sessions videos.